Books and Blogs I Find Useful...

Here you’ll find resources ranging from background reading to hands-on tips useful to both authors and businesses. Whether you’re working on a manuscript or writing for the web, you’ll find information here to help you connect with your audience.

The categories overlap so don’t limit yourself: business leaders using a book as a promotional tool may want to self-publish, while authors need to think about content strategy as part of creating a platform. And any kind of  writer can save time and money by learning self-editing skills.

So, explore it all and let me know what you think and how I can help you. And follow me or check back occasionally to see what’s new…

  • Testimonials

    “Amy is a whiz at sprucing up text to create a beautiful verbal picture. She has an outstanding command of language and worked closely with me to make sure that my messaging was clear, concise, and engaging to the reader. I value and trust Amy’s expertise in the writing field and would refer her to any new customers who wish quality work.”

    Susan Gierke

    Director, VOICE Mentor Program