Will Your Book Stand Out?

Whether you plan to publish traditionally or do it yourself, your book must stand out in a crowded marketplace. You need someone with an understanding of writing craft to provide objective feedback about the experience of reading your book. You need to know if it is clear and compelling. For example:

  • Does the first paragraph hook the reader enough to prompt a purchase?
  • Does the idea or story compel the reader to share it with friends and colleagues?

And if it doesn’t, you need to know why.

You need concrete insights  that allow you to captivate your readers while retaining your voice.

As a developmental editor, I provide these observations in the form of a report addressing the big picture elements of your manuscript, discussing issues such as theme, structure, scope, organization, tone, bias, clarity, and consistency. For fiction, this report also addresses story arc, character development, plot structure and pacing,  as well as narrative techniques.

If you’re still thinking through your ideas or working on a proposal, working with me can save you valuable time and energy by refining your focus and finding an agent or publisher before you write. I can advise you through the process, edit your draft proposal, or write it for you.

I also provide line editing to increase the overall flow of your work, addressing language issues and organization at the paragraph-by-paragraph level.

Whether you’re preparing your manuscript for self-publication or to pitch to an agent, I can provide the insight you need to polish it until it captivates your audience.

The first step: tell me about your project.

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  • Testimonials

    “Amy produced two separate writing projects for me. She took my ideas, ran with it, and the end result exceeded my expectations. She was easy to work with and I definitely plan to work with her on future projects.”

    Christina Jackson

    Founding Partner, Tiger Mountain Acupuncture