It's All About Connecting...

You’ve heard about the new marketing paradigm driven by social media. You know you need to connect with your audience, whether customers, partners, donors, or volunteers. But do you know how to make that happen?

You need:

  • your audience to understand how your product, service, or cause solves their problem or meets their need.
  • your website to immediately engage your visitors, providing useful information in a usable manner.
  • your content to stay up to date and relevant.
  • your vision communicated in a way that connects with your audience and invites them to act.

You have a vision for your business. But how do you get your audience to care?

You need more than copy.
You need
content strategy.

Through the principles of user-focused design and storytelling, I’ll translate your vision into content that captivates your customers.

The first step: tell me about your project.

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  • Testimonials

    “Before Amy's editing, my two novels had been rewritten several times but both seemed to be permanently stuck. After her careful readings and assessments, she gave me several ideas that have renewed my enthusiasm for these projects. Now I'm having fun with these novels again.”

    Kathleen Glassburn